There are many places in the world to take your kitesurfing holidays. However few places offer the unspoiled natural beauty and amount of windy days as Bahia Salinas, Costa Rica. A successful kitesurfing holiday is when you go to a place where the wind constantly blows all day and every day. Kitesurfing holidays in Costa Rica lets you have great wind, great accommodations and great adventures.

Kitesurfing Holidays in Costa Rica

  • The wind basically blows every single day, all day long with an average of 17/26+ knots!
  • There are very few places around the world with such constant wind!!
  • During the almost 7 months of our windy season (from the beginning of November until the end of May) there are ONLY around 10/12 days without wind!
  • If you don’t believe this claim, simply search or post your question there to all of the other kiters who have enjoyed their kitesurfing holiday in Bahia Salinas, Costa Rica.
In addition to all this kitesurfing, when you need a rest & relaxation, there is an abundance of nature to enjoy. From the morning green parrots flying past your window to groups of monkeys to plenty of unspoiled views to enjoy.
These are the last records of consecutively windy days:
  • Season 2008/09 : 115 days from mid December
  • Season 2010/11: 129 days from mid November
  • Season 2011/12: 132 days from mid November
  • Season 2012/13: 144 days from beginning of November (in this last season we also had the record of ONLY 5 DAYS WITHOUT WIND!!)

Check out this awesome video made by an enthusiastic fan of kitesurfing holidays in Costa Rica:

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